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Ep7: 2017 Renewable Energy Outlook

alexandertodd_web2The renewable energy industry saw a tremendous amount of success in 2016, but the new year brings some uncertainty, both in the US and abroad. In this episode, we speak to Todd Alexander, partner in Chadbourne’s New York office, to discuss why he thinks 2017 will be continue to bring success to the industry.

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Bonus: Cost of Capital: 2017 Outlook

It is the start of a new year. The Trump presidency and the likelihood of corporate tax reform have added an element of unpredictability. On January 17, 2017 Chadbourne hosted a webinar among a group of project finance industry veterans about what to expect in the year ahead for tax equity, bank and term loan B debt and project bonds. Continue reading “Bonus: Cost of Capital: 2017 Outlook”

Ep6: Africa: Opportunities, Challenges and the Effects of a Trump Administration


There is a tremendous amount of opportunity for energy and infrastructure development in Africa. In this episode, we speak to Chadbourne partner Ikenna Emehelu to discuss opportunities, challenges, the future of the Electrify Africa Act, and what a Trump administration means for the African energy and infrastructure market.

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Ep5: Lessons From the SunEdison Bankruptcy

riverachristy_web2The bankruptcy of solar power developer SunEdison has been one of the most discussed topics of the US renewable energy market in 2016. Christy Rivera, partner in Chadbourne’s bankruptcy group, joins us to discuss outcomes, surprises and lessons learned from SunEdison’s bankruptcy filing.



Ep4: US Infrastructure and P3 Opportunities


President-Elect Trump has positioned US infrastructure investment as a top priority, and the topic was a rare source of bipartisan agreement throughout the 2016 election season. Continue reading “Ep4: US Infrastructure and P3 Opportunities”

Bonus Episode: US Renewable Energy After the November Elections

Ep3: Net Metering Programs and Policy Update

solarhouseChadbourne associate Megan Strand joins us to discuss net metering, an important tool in the continued deployment of distributed solar in the United States. Continue reading “Ep3: Net Metering Programs and Policy Update”

Episode 2: The Future of US Offshore Wind, Part 2


In part two of our discussion on offshore wind development in the United States, Chadbourne counsel Kat Gamache delves into the complex regulations that developers of US offshore wind projects should consider. Continue reading “Episode 2: The Future of US Offshore Wind, Part 2”

Episode 1: The Future of US Offshore Wind, Part 1


Benjamin Koenigsberg and Christine Brozynski take us on a behind-the-scenes tour of the complex financing and construction of the Block Island Wind Farm, the first offshore wind farm in the US. What hurdles did the team clear to make it happen and what does this mean for future projects?

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