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Ep15: Cross-Border Energy M&A Transactions


Mergers and acquisitions activity in the energy sector is on the rise, and cross-border transactions are driving much of this activity. In today’s episode, we talk to Marwan Azzi, from our New York office, who gives us an in-depth view of how these transactions work and shares his insight on market trends.

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Ep14: Political Risk Insurance: Industry Overview and Trends


As political uncertainty continues to dominate the news, we take a closer look at political risk insurance: a valuable tool when developing projects in riskier emerging markets. Ken Hansen, partner in our Washington office, joins us to give a breakdown of the industry and major players, and discuss recent developments.

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Ep13: Spotlight on LNG-to-Power Projects


The global LNG industry has seen remarkable growth in a short time. Noam Ayali and Brian Greene, partners in our Washington, DC office, fill us in on the market, how these projects are developed and financed, and some of the hurdles you might face.   Continue reading “Ep13: Spotlight on LNG-to-Power Projects”

Ep12: WIFIA and the US Water Infrastructure Gap


The Water Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act, “WIFIA,” is a funding mechanism that was enacted to address the US water infrastructure gap. WIFIA aims to encourage private investment in public water infrastructure projects, and the EPA announced last week that it had received 43 letters of interest in its first round of solicitations. In this episode, we speak with Jake Falk, Counsel in our Washington, DC office, to discuss the WIFIA program.

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Bonus: An Interview with Governor Pataki

In this special bonus episode, Governor Pataki discusses his political views and influences, what motivates him, and his advice for the next generation.

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Ep11: Governor Pataki’s Perspective on Energy and Infrastructure


In this episode, we’re joined by the 53rd Governor of New York state, George E. Pataki, to discuss his views on the future of energy and infrastructure under the Trump administration.

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Ep10: How US Tax Reform Could Affect Renewables


As the Trump administration and the Republican Congress continue to work on corporate tax reform, we speak to Keith Martin, partner in the Washington, DC office and co-head of the project finance group, to walk us through some of the proposals and their potential effects on the US renewable energy industry.

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Ep9: My Favorite Project, Part One



Four project finance lawyers talk about their favorite projects in this episode. From racking up frequent flyer miles traveling the world, to bringing a project to a war torn country, to only sleeping for 13 hours in an entire week, Todd Alexander, Doug Fried and William Nicholson talk about some of the highlights of their careers. Continue reading “Ep9: My Favorite Project, Part One”

Ep8: Tax Equity 101


nicholsonwilliam_hiresTax equity transactions have been a mainstay of financing renewable energy projects in the US. William Nicholson, associate in the New York office, joins us to give a primer on how these transactions are structured and key considerations that developers and investors should keep in mind.  Continue reading “Ep8: Tax Equity 101”

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